The Management

The Management

Mr. Hari Sudhakaran is the main Guiding force of Bang Creative Solutions.

After a B-Tech Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Govt, Engineering College, Trivandrum, and a Masters in Product Designing (M-Des) from the Industrial Design Centre of IIT, Mumbai

Hari established Bang Creative solutions in 1995, following his passion for creativity. At Bang, we have always considered and approached our work as an art form. Our compact creative team has always functioned on the ideology of quality over quantity.

The high quality talent in key areas which we have in-house draws support from our well entrenched network of associates specialised in various fields of graphics. This enables us to draw from the best of the talents without having to bear the humongous burden of maintaining experts in all the ever increasing areas of creativity and technology in-house.

After almost 20 years in business, we can confidently claim that this approach has served us well. We look forward to serve your need for creative content in any of the varied areas of graphics, Animation and software content development.