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About us

Formed in Year 1995, BANG creative solutions started off as a provider of quality hand-Drawn Cel Animation content. Starting of with two 26 episode limited animation serials, followed by a host of short films for NFDC, the National Literacy Mission etc.

Bang quickly gained expertise in the tedious production process of Cel animation, where each individual frame depicting the movement is to be manually created by the artist. This laid a strong foundation of the knowledge of the fundamental principles of animation, which served as a solid bed-rock for all our future avenues of creative exploration and growth.

Following this, with the changing trends of the industry and emerging techniques and technologies, Bang Creative Solutions have added more and more areas of graphics and animation to their repertoire of creative skills.

Computer based 3D modeling and Animation, 3D Character Animation, Stop Motion Animation, Flash Based optimised animation and finally the latest emerging technology of IOS, Android and other operating systems based application development.